Monday, June 10, 2013

"How do you feel right now?"

This has been one long week! I have a few funny stories to read. Please forgive me for my missionary humor, there stories made us crack up laughing, so just pretend they are funny ;)
We are teaching an African American woman named Joy. She is so great! However, she did not believe that Sister Gregerson (who is from Georgia) and I (1) knew any black Mormons or (2) ever wore pants. Both of us have done both, of course. She made us bring in pictures from our "past lives" (aka pictures from home) to show her pictures of us in pants!!! She is so innocent and sweet! We love her very much and hope she will be getting baptized sometime this month :)
We were at dinner last night with a family in our congregation... We decided to teach them the Plan of Salvation to help them remember how important it is. We asked them to close their eyes and asked "Where were you 70 years ago?"
As members of the church, they knew that we lived with our Heavenly Father and families and friends before this life. They of course answered that they were in the premortal existence.. Names have been changed :) This is all with their eyes closed, looking very innocent. Sister Gregerson and I were holding back laughter.
Sister Gregerson: "Brother Smith (the father), who is there with you?"
Brother Smith: "No one.. I'm here alone." (That was a shock to us, as that is not correct haha!)
Me: "Logan (their 16 year old son), who is with you?"
Logan: "Everyone!"
Bother Smith: "WHAT?!"
Logan: "Err.. Uh.. No one. I'm alone too."
Me: "Okay... Sister Smith, who is with you?"
Sister Smith: "My friends, family, everyone I know."
Sister Gregerson: "Correct.. Brother Smith, how do you feel right now?"
Brother Smith: "Well, I overate, so I'm feeling pretty fat."
Sister Smith: "Honey, you don't have a body!!! You're light as a feather!"

This was one of the best and funniest non-spiritual experiences yet :)
I love you all!
Please keep writing!
Love, Sister Marler

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