Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had a splendid week! I know I did :) I'm not sure who all follows this, but if anyone has any requests as to what you would like to hear, let me know :)
One miracle we had this week:
It was a pretty hot day and we were stopping by this old woman's house... Her sprinklers were going CRAZY (EVERYONE in Fresno waters their grass). They were so full-forces that there would have been no way for us to get through her pathway to her door without getting drenched... So Sister Gregerson jokingly said "God can make those stop!" I said, "Pray it, and it shall be..." You guessed it!!! We put our heads down for a prayer (we didn't even pray for the sprinklers to turn off!), our heads pop up, and all I said was "WHAT?!" Her sprinklers were off. We could go through. Heavenly Father wanted us to see her and to see that He was helping us. I was so grateful.
Sister Marler

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