Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello everyone!!! I hope you all had a splendid week! I know I did :) I'm not sure who all follows this, but if anyone has any requests as to what you would like to hear, let me know :)
One miracle we had this week:
It was a pretty hot day and we were stopping by this old woman's house... Her sprinklers were going CRAZY (EVERYONE in Fresno waters their grass). They were so full-forces that there would have been no way for us to get through her pathway to her door without getting drenched... So Sister Gregerson jokingly said "God can make those stop!" I said, "Pray it, and it shall be..." You guessed it!!! We put our heads down for a prayer (we didn't even pray for the sprinklers to turn off!), our heads pop up, and all I said was "WHAT?!" Her sprinklers were off. We could go through. Heavenly Father wanted us to see her and to see that He was helping us. I was so grateful.
Sister Marler

Monday, June 10, 2013

"How do you feel right now?"

This has been one long week! I have a few funny stories to read. Please forgive me for my missionary humor, there stories made us crack up laughing, so just pretend they are funny ;)
We are teaching an African American woman named Joy. She is so great! However, she did not believe that Sister Gregerson (who is from Georgia) and I (1) knew any black Mormons or (2) ever wore pants. Both of us have done both, of course. She made us bring in pictures from our "past lives" (aka pictures from home) to show her pictures of us in pants!!! She is so innocent and sweet! We love her very much and hope she will be getting baptized sometime this month :)
We were at dinner last night with a family in our congregation... We decided to teach them the Plan of Salvation to help them remember how important it is. We asked them to close their eyes and asked "Where were you 70 years ago?"
As members of the church, they knew that we lived with our Heavenly Father and families and friends before this life. They of course answered that they were in the premortal existence.. Names have been changed :) This is all with their eyes closed, looking very innocent. Sister Gregerson and I were holding back laughter.
Sister Gregerson: "Brother Smith (the father), who is there with you?"
Brother Smith: "No one.. I'm here alone." (That was a shock to us, as that is not correct haha!)
Me: "Logan (their 16 year old son), who is with you?"
Logan: "Everyone!"
Bother Smith: "WHAT?!"
Logan: "Err.. Uh.. No one. I'm alone too."
Me: "Okay... Sister Smith, who is with you?"
Sister Smith: "My friends, family, everyone I know."
Sister Gregerson: "Correct.. Brother Smith, how do you feel right now?"
Brother Smith: "Well, I overate, so I'm feeling pretty fat."
Sister Smith: "Honey, you don't have a body!!! You're light as a feather!"

This was one of the best and funniest non-spiritual experiences yet :)
I love you all!
Please keep writing!
Love, Sister Marler


Helloooooo from Fresnooooooo!
I hope everyone is doing well! All is well here in California! Teaching and knocking, knocking and teaching! Missionary work is super stressful and tiring. Every night my companion, Sister Gregerson, and I TRY to go to bed early, but it never seems to happen... We have too much fun together! We have matching pajamas and tell stories from home together and just have fun. I'm really grateful to have her as my companion since we spend literally 24 hours a day together. Singing songs, telling jokes and, most importantly, helping each other get better is truly the purpose of having a missionary companion. Well, reader, I probably love you! I hope all is well with your life and that you WILL WRITE ME SOONNNNNN! Letters fuel me. Just so you know :)
I love you all!
Sister Marler

Monday, April 29, 2013

Daddy..there is a girl named missionaries at the door!!!

Hellllooooo from Fresno!
I hope all is well back East! California is HOT HOT HOT, pertaining to the weather AND the Gospel, of course! We have a baptism this weekend for a woman named Christy! She is AMAZING! Sister Gregerson and I are so excited to see her enter into the most sacred covenant of her life on Friday.
I'm so grateful to everyone for all the Birthday wishes and gifts! I'm SOOOO grateful! Every note, every email, every gift card helps SO much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm sorry, again, for nt being able to respond to letters as quickly as I would like :( I will continue to, slowly but surely, respond to them all!
I love you all! Thank you for loving and supporting me!
-Seester Marler

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hellllooooooo from Fresnoooooo
Thank you ALL for my birthday wishes and presents and stuff! I'm so sorry that I'm not writing letters like I should :( We have NO time :( Email is honestly the easiest, so if you want to hear back, email me, haha... I will probably regret saying that since I'll stop getting letters :p That's okay! I had an AWESOME birthday, by the way! Here is a little bit about my week! I hope all is well on the East Side! I love you all!
This week was amazing! Sister Gregerson and I really put into our hearts this week that we would be exactly obedient. Since we are both very new to the mission, we don't know all the rules, but as soon as we learned them, we followed exactly! Exact obedience truly does bring miracles. I will share with you a few of my favorites!
We were harvesting blessings in the poorest place in our area (everyone needs the Gospel, right?), and we knocked into three Bulldogs (members of the local gang). We offered to pray and bless their home and they, surprisingly, accepted! After praying, we shared the message of the Restoration, THEY LOVED IT! We committed each of them to baptism and offered a kneeling prayer at the end. How humbling it was to see three tatted up gang members on their knees praying to our Heavenly Father! That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!
SIter Gregerson and I have also been very worried about making our inspired goals for baptized and confirmed for the month of April. We just didn't see how it could happen until we received a miracle referral for a woman who was reaching out to us wanted to meet with the "Mormon Missionaries" again! It was the most amazing thing we had heard in our whole missions! They will not be baptized this month because they aren't quite ready yet, but I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father answering our prayers to find those who wanted us to teach them! I just never thought he would send them to us!
Sister Gregerson is so amazing. I'm so grateful for her to be my companion. She is truly a multiplier and I am grateful every single moment that I get to watch her example in missionary work and in life in general. I truly feel that Heavenly Father blessed us with each other because we both believe that we are making each other the best missionaries we could be at this point!
I love you all! Let me know if I can do anything for anyone, please!
Seester Marler :)

News from Fresno, CA

What an awesome week. My homesickness has subsided (for the most part) and my bad dreams went away too! We have another baptism next week and quite a few progressing investigators. The Lord is hastening His work, at least in Riverview. We did service at a woman's house last week and found the skeleton of a 21 years dead cat in a cinderblock. The woman was like, "Oh, yeah, she died in 1992 and we never found her body..." WHAT?! That doesn't just happen?? Haha! If that tells you anything about the service project, I'll just say that it was really weird, haha. We're teaching an awesome family and a few other investigators who are all so amazing and gaining their testimonies so quickly! It's so exciting! It's a pretty consistent 85 degrees every day here, but it's not humid, so that's really nice.
Here's what our days consist of! .. We wake up and run from 6:30-7:00, then eat and have studies and lunch from 8am until noon, then we leave and knock doors (we offer to pray to people by saying "We are representatives of Jesus Chirst and were sent here today to pray with you and your family, would you have a minute that we could come in and bless your home with the Holy Ghost"... It's very effective). We knock doors for about an hour or two usually and then appointments start around 3 or 4, then dinner with members at 5, then usually an appointment at 630 and 8! :) Then we get back to our apartment at 9pm and plan for the next day for about a half hour and then get ready and go to bed :) It's fun!
Being a missionary is really hard, but as long as you have a good companion (which I do) and a happy heart, it's super worth it :)
I miss and love you all, and I'm so grateful for all of your letters! I'm a few weeks behind on letters, so if you don't get one for a few weeks, I'm really sorry! Hope all is well at home :)
I love Jesus Christ, He is our Savior.
With love,
Sister Kaitlyn Marler :)