Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hellllooooooo from Fresnoooooo
Thank you ALL for my birthday wishes and presents and stuff! I'm so sorry that I'm not writing letters like I should :( We have NO time :( Email is honestly the easiest, so if you want to hear back, email me, haha... I will probably regret saying that since I'll stop getting letters :p That's okay! I had an AWESOME birthday, by the way! Here is a little bit about my week! I hope all is well on the East Side! I love you all!
This week was amazing! Sister Gregerson and I really put into our hearts this week that we would be exactly obedient. Since we are both very new to the mission, we don't know all the rules, but as soon as we learned them, we followed exactly! Exact obedience truly does bring miracles. I will share with you a few of my favorites!
We were harvesting blessings in the poorest place in our area (everyone needs the Gospel, right?), and we knocked into three Bulldogs (members of the local gang). We offered to pray and bless their home and they, surprisingly, accepted! After praying, we shared the message of the Restoration, THEY LOVED IT! We committed each of them to baptism and offered a kneeling prayer at the end. How humbling it was to see three tatted up gang members on their knees praying to our Heavenly Father! That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!
SIter Gregerson and I have also been very worried about making our inspired goals for baptized and confirmed for the month of April. We just didn't see how it could happen until we received a miracle referral for a woman who was reaching out to us wanted to meet with the "Mormon Missionaries" again! It was the most amazing thing we had heard in our whole missions! They will not be baptized this month because they aren't quite ready yet, but I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father answering our prayers to find those who wanted us to teach them! I just never thought he would send them to us!
Sister Gregerson is so amazing. I'm so grateful for her to be my companion. She is truly a multiplier and I am grateful every single moment that I get to watch her example in missionary work and in life in general. I truly feel that Heavenly Father blessed us with each other because we both believe that we are making each other the best missionaries we could be at this point!
I love you all! Let me know if I can do anything for anyone, please!
Seester Marler :)

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