Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News from Fresno, CA

What an awesome week. My homesickness has subsided (for the most part) and my bad dreams went away too! We have another baptism next week and quite a few progressing investigators. The Lord is hastening His work, at least in Riverview. We did service at a woman's house last week and found the skeleton of a 21 years dead cat in a cinderblock. The woman was like, "Oh, yeah, she died in 1992 and we never found her body..." WHAT?! That doesn't just happen?? Haha! If that tells you anything about the service project, I'll just say that it was really weird, haha. We're teaching an awesome family and a few other investigators who are all so amazing and gaining their testimonies so quickly! It's so exciting! It's a pretty consistent 85 degrees every day here, but it's not humid, so that's really nice.
Here's what our days consist of! .. We wake up and run from 6:30-7:00, then eat and have studies and lunch from 8am until noon, then we leave and knock doors (we offer to pray to people by saying "We are representatives of Jesus Chirst and were sent here today to pray with you and your family, would you have a minute that we could come in and bless your home with the Holy Ghost"... It's very effective). We knock doors for about an hour or two usually and then appointments start around 3 or 4, then dinner with members at 5, then usually an appointment at 630 and 8! :) Then we get back to our apartment at 9pm and plan for the next day for about a half hour and then get ready and go to bed :) It's fun!
Being a missionary is really hard, but as long as you have a good companion (which I do) and a happy heart, it's super worth it :)
I miss and love you all, and I'm so grateful for all of your letters! I'm a few weeks behind on letters, so if you don't get one for a few weeks, I'm really sorry! Hope all is well at home :)
I love Jesus Christ, He is our Savior.
With love,
Sister Kaitlyn Marler :)

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