Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 2 Email

I have lots to tell! This week has gone by so quickly! It's so great. This keyboard is awful so bear with me through any typos haha Sister L (one of our teachers) pulled me aside the other day and asked me if I was okay. I was a little homesick that day, and she really helped. She told me that she walked into our classroom that day and could tell that I was really special, but that something was wrong. She gave me a few hugs and I totally felt better! I love her! She is such a blessing! :) I forgot to tell you what the elder that I met that is from Fresno said: I asked him if it would be possible for me to switch to spanish speaking and if pres gelwix would be likely to allow that and he just smiled and said that pres gelwix is a very kind man :)))) yay!!!!! I have lots of pictures, but we can't send them from these computers :(  I love you all! I got letters from Candice and Clay and Gram and Gramp (which meant A LOT) and grammy and tina and Maggie and Allen :) AND I SAW CAMMIE TODAY! :) Thank you so much for your package!!! I love the pillowcase and the pictures and all the goodies :) And everyone loved mommy's rolls and cookies :) The one bad thing about being a mission is that my desire for charity and to give stuff away is definitely increased exponentially haha it hurts that when I know I have money and see others say "oh I'll just get one rather than 3" type of thing for me not to give, you know? I've paid for like $30 of books and stuff for Sister B cause I feel bad :/ We aren't getting along still, but that's okay. Mommy, can you make my Punny Baer a name tag, please? :))) Right now, she's wearing mine :)  How is everything at home? Are you getting my letters?

The food is stiill awful... I ate "french toast" this morning and felt like I had just eaten a brick.. haha! :p I got the box yesterday:) the rolls were good, but nowhere near wat they are fresh haha but that's okay :) depending on how i'm fed in California,  I may ask for them often, but we are fed way too well here (so much fried and fatty food), that I'm not hungry enough to eat them, you know? I'm so glad she got my letter! I actually sent her two so she'll be getting another soon :) I portray Kayla & Maggie & Alexa in role plays all the time (\because being the same investigator is no fun)... all we do here is role play haha no joke! 

The hug thing was so fantastic!! Sister W and I get along so well :) It's great! Sorry for making you cry, daddy. and sorry for making your aid crY. I love that picture. My browser doesn't have a time limit on it anymore, but I should be going here in about 15 minutes or so.

I will definitely call the house on Wednesday. I got a calling card with 500 minutes on it for $5! It takes 130 minutes just to place the call, so I'm going to use quarters to call the first time and make sure you answer, then I'll call you with the card. we'll have about an hour, I'm hoping. If I forgot to tell you something in these emails, I'll bring my list that I made and tell you then haha :)
Yes, it's Delta. Right to the Fresno airport. Leaving here at 11:26, arriving there at 12:06 Cali time. Then we'll spend the day and night in the mission home and more training thursday morning and then off to our first area with our trainers.I'm hoping for Sister Ripplinger, of course. I'm confident I'll do well, not overly confident, but I do really well in role plays and TRC (who are actors and volunteers).

Daddy! It's SOOOO like a dream! Except for the fact that I'm not sleeping well :p haha okay, I am sleeping well, but just not enough. I'm really hoping my body will adjust. OH! I have a story for you! we were in in-feild orientation (which was boring, annoying, 8 hours long, and a semi-waste of time) an I sneezed and a Tongan sister (who is friends with Sister T (also a Tongan)), who we had been talking to earlier in the day, leaned up to me and said "Someone is missing you" and I said "No wonder I have a cold!" Haha :) Now I definitely know you are all missing me. So everytime you sneeze, remember that I'm missing you :) Speaking of Tongans, Sister T named me Sister Lotolahi on our first day here. Look up the meaning. It's a very sweet one :) If you can't find the meaning, I'll let you know on Wednesday

I mailed a letter to Clay today and told him all about the MTC. Did Trevor get his call yet? I sent some advice. Have Clay share it with Trevor and the other YM please. I'm going to write Isaiah back today and  some other people. OH! Another story! haha! We went to the temple today and did some work and one of the names I did had the same birthday as me, another had the same birthday as Mom, and the paper was printed on Sissy's birthday :) The other person missing was daddy, but that's okay because he's not a girl :) haha It made me so happy! What are you doing for mommy's birthday? Happy early birthday, Mommmmmmmmyyyyy :)

I've gotta get going! This is my second to last email! It was so awesome to hear from you :) You will be glad to hear that I'm not crying :)

I pray for you every morning and every night! I love you all! I can;t wait to get to California! It's snowing here today (weirdest thing ever: walking in snow in short sleeves and only being kind of cold) Utah is weird haha. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MOMMY! I LOVE YOU KAYCI! I LOVE YOU DADDY! I LOVE YOU WILLEE! I love buster too ;) Give him a treat for me :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Let Gram and Gramo know how much their letters have meant to me. I'm a littl backed up on responses but I'm trying to get it all done (I know that I don't have to write EVRYONE back) haha I LOVE YOU! I'm signing off here in a second :) I'll talk to you on Wednesday:))))) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Sister Kaitlyn Marler ;) <-- hug!!! 

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