Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 4 Update

One more funny thing: there are so many Sisters that they're changing some of the men's bathrooms to women's haha :) It's pretty funny. NOW I'm logging off. I LOVE YOU

I LOVE YOU! I love hearing from you! Thank you for going out of your way to email me back and be able to keep a conversation going. My companions don't get that luxury. BTW, I'm AGAIN the youngest sister in my district :) haha it's fun to be young. :) Have a great week and I'll talk to you soon :)

I don't have the name of them with me, but I'm sending Sissy a letter today that will have a bunch of scripture references and info about the MTC for her friend at work and I'll put the name of them in the letter. I like the pen/marker kinds rather than the crayons. They just look more professional. Can you send me one of those thingies that has the Chronology of the BoM and then one that has the Chronology of D&C on it? I have to go soon. I LOVE YOU! Can you send me more info on the appearance of Elijah in the Kirtland Temple? Maybe just info on the Kirkland temple in general? And theres a talk I want mailed to me too. If you google "godhead" and "Zeezrom" together it should come up. It's about conflicting beliefs on the Godhead and the trinity. Thank you! I have just a few more minutes left

Mom asked about workout stuff: we have a gym with a track and four square (which I play a lot) and basketball and also a fitness center with workout equipment. We get gym time every m,t,w,th, and saturday. so tomorrow will be my last gym time. Doesn’t BYUTV show the MTC devotionals? That would be cool. We sign during the devotionals :) sign all the songs and then one of the elders and one of the sisters usually interprets. Classes are all in Sign. That's how I picked it up so quickly... Because I had to in order to survive haha :p We get LOTS of study time. I read almost 100 pages of the BoM in one day. I'm in Alma 22 or so right now and I was in 1 Nephi a week and a half ago haha. I'm going through in a paperback BoM and highlighting EVERY reference to angels or the godhead. SO MANY! I've already gone thruogh a whole scripture marking pen haha

Oh! I got a letter from Tyler and Millena today and from Gram and Gramp and from Becky two days ago :) And Jacie :) I haven't gotten one letter from a boy yet :( Sad stuff... haha I really am as happy as I seem to be. I don't feel homesick anymore... Like ever lol I miss you all, of course, but I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to be. 

YAY! LETTERS! I LOVE LETTERS!!!!!!!! :) YAYYYYYYYYY! I emailed sissy, but can someone write Jesseca Weeks on Facebook and tell her I want to hear from her? She may have already written me and it's in Fresno, but jkust in case... I really miss her! And Jamie! I haven't heard from Jamie...

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