Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 1

HI FAMILY!!!! It is 6:41 in Utah right now and we have our first half P-day! I'm not figuring you're expecting an email, so I probably won't get a response, but that's okay... I'll send this email first.. Then type my real one. I LOVE YOU!

Okay! HI! I feel like I have been here for a year... I sent you all a letter on Wednesday, sent it on Thursday, so you will hopefully get it on Tuesday or so. I got sissy's letter today :) it made me cry :( first time I've cried since I've been here though! Be proud of me! haha My district is AWESOME! The Elders are awesome and my roommates are fantastic. My companion is SUPER weird and really annoying and makes us late ALL THE TIME :( I hate it... But Sisters W, T (my roommates), and I are trying so hard to be compassionate and not mean. But Sister B (My companion) is just.. Annoying. I'm doing pretty well when it comes to lessons and stuff. We had our first "investigator" experience yesterday with our teacher. We got her to commit to baptism, reading the BoM, AND she even prayed with us after a little coaxing. I'm actually pretty good at listening to the spirit and teaching! Who da thunk it?!?! My roommates want to see! As of 6:48 here, I have 18 minutes left on the computer. Hope to heard back! My next P Day is Saturday. The food is AWFUL here.. I miss mommy's cooking :( How is the house stuff going? I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I love you! I'm not sad here, but I defnitely miss home. The mountains are amazing. I promise I won't come home early. We leave for Cali Wed the 27th at 11am Utah time. I'll be calling around 9 or 10 Utah time. I love you 

OH! And the Davis' bought me the coolest shoes EVER! And I got there package :) IT HAD COKE IN IT! WITH CAFFEINE!!!!!! It was a blessing :) haha! I have a cold though and there is no where to get a descent kleenex or roll of toilet paper so my nose is hating me :( I can't wait to back from you. Emailing hear once a week isn't enough though :( Can I maybe get a letter or package or something from you this week? :) It's really sad when our district leader gets the mail, the Sisters never get letters. All except one the Elders have girls at home waiting for them and only Sister T has a boy, but she's from Hawaii and the mail takes forever. So the boys get letters all the time. I would love to hear from you more!!

It's so good to hear from you. I miss you so much. I'm sitting in here crying haha Thank goodness it's only my roommates in here :) Tell me you love me please! I would love letters. Then I could reread them. Email just doesn't suffice like I thought it would.

Yes, I found Sister M ;) haha we saw each other twice today and have talked only a little. Not much time, you know? The other sister (Sister J) that I talked to on Facebook ended up being quite snoody haha. I got so lucky that Sister W and T and I get along so well. Sister W and I are super sarcastic together :) I love it!

I have four minutes! the thread got so long that it started cutting dad and sissy off, so I'm not sure why. Long story short, I'm doing well here. I'm using up the sleeping pills like no other haha but that's just my cold, I think... I'm happy. I'm doing the Lord's work and the hurt of being away from home will go away soon... I got a package from A. L. today with charms of Cali and Ind so I can put them together and the distance won't be so far :) I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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